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Taming the cat

Rotten Apple. Always getting something wrong. These are my basic customizations for (Mountain) Lion installs.
Fixing locale problems on (non Apple) SSH connections (UTF-8):
(this bug is plain stupid).
And getting a decent terminal client:
Turn off history swiping in Safari:
System preferences > Trackpad > Mouse Gestures
Natural scrolling or not:
System Preferences > Trackpad > Scroll & Zoom
(Reverse scrolling + [...]

Taming QuickTime X

Did QuickTime X take you by surprise? Still need Pro-features in QT? Here’s my fix which sorts out all my QT problems on SL (OS X 10.6).
First thing I did was to install QuickTime Player 7 from optional installs on the SL CD. Then I can always open with QT 7. For most uses this [...]