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Adobe still messes up cases

Adobe Flash CS4 still has upper/lower case mess-ups in file paths. We upgraded from 8 to CS4 at work but that obviously didn’t help.
Here’s a typical error message:
An error occurred opening file ‘/Users/test/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Flash CS4/en/Configuration//JavaScript/DeployVideo.jsfl’

You fix it by renaming the directory …/Javascript to …/JavaScript (with a capital S).

Who’s doing this rotten programming? Also note the [...]

Flash 9

I den grad man skal anbefale folk å installere proprietære saker og ting…
“T” wanted to play Conquer Antarctica yesterday - which turns out to be a flash game requiring a >7 flash player version. Besides, I were a bit tired of not being able to watch my students’ flash attempts on my favourite linux [...]